US firm to bring innovative energy conversion technology to Punjab
USING the two forms of electromechanical radiation energy, especially Infrared light and microwaves, Infrared Power Inc of Phoenix, Arizona, is proposing to bring an innovative energy conversion technology to Punjab. Pawan Singh Dhindsa, the director of the US-based firm said, “the conversion of electromechanical energy, in the form of microwaves and infrared light, into usable heat is what the company intends to do. When this concept is combined with the use of modern materials, such as ceramics and carbon fiber components, it results in an operating system with very special and unique properties,” he said. Mr Dhindsa said the technology could be used in almost any application that currently used fuel oil, natural gas, coal, or nuclear power as a heat source. The Los Alamos National Laboratory described the concept as a high efficiency, high temperature form of energy conversion, Mr Dhindsa said.