Exports from Haryana and Chandigarh up 20%
EVEN when the total exports from Haryana and Chandigarh recorded a growth of 20% at Rs 30,000 crore in 2006-07 as against export of Rs 25,000 crore in 2005-06, exporters across the state feel that the lack of infrastructure, delayed import facility at Panipat and unfavorable tax norms were not assisting them to grow. For the 50 members of the Panipat Exporteres Association, which has an export turnover of Rs 2,000 crore annually, the non-availability of infrastructure for import at ICD Babarpur, Panipat was the key issue. A textile exporter said that even after the area being notified for imports and for DEPB shipping bills on March’2006, no infrastructure, like railway hub, holding of empty containers, crain and fork lifter, separate warehouse and suitable houses for custom officials has been provided. An uneven tax norm between Punjab and Haryana was affecting the rice exporters in the state, according to Rakesh Aggarwal, managing director, Sunstar Overseas Limited. “Unlike Punjab, where rice exporters are refunded 2%market fee and 2% rural development fund, rice exporters in Haryana are not given the benefit. Apart form hitting the business, it is also demoralising the exporter,” he said. For now, the district of Hisar has been declared as the highest exporting district with a share of 30% in overall export, says a report of Sub-committee of State Level Bankers’ Committee for Export Promotion. District wise export data show that after Hisar, other districts, which contributed their export share as percentage, include Panipat (18), Karnal (11), Gurgaon (10), Sonepat (7), Faridabad (6) and Chandigarh (6). In financial terms, the total exports from Hisar stood at Rs 2,520 crore, Panipat at Rs 1,490 crore, Karnal Rs 940 crore and Gurgaon at Rs 844 crore. However, some districts including Panchkula, Rewari, Rohtak and Sonepat observed fall in their export figures as compared to figures of 2005-06. Item-wise, export of steel contributed maximum share of 22% in the total exports from these states, the report added. Other items were, Rice(18%), handlooms and handicrafts (15%), textiles (8%) and medicines (7%). Menawhile, the export in steel products increased by 85%, medicines jumped by 168%, handlooms and textiles by 23% and readymade garments by 127%.