US firm eyes SMEs in India Focal Signs 2 MoUs In Energy Sector
US-based Focal Energy is looking at small and medium projects in the country. The company has already signed two agreements with India-based companies in the energy sector. Focal Energy MD Noam Ben Ozer said the company was looking at renewable energy projects in the country. “We are very keen on investing in India as the opportunity in the country is immense. Our aim is to invest in, and manage a portfolio of income- generating assets in the energy and infrastructure sectors. To start of we will be looking into small and medium projects and are looking for partners. Renewable energy is a sector we are looking at mainly, but we will also look for small hydro projects in the country,” Mr Ozer said. Mr Ozer added that the company has signed MoUs with two companies in the country but refused to divulge any details. “We have very recently signed two MoUs with leading Indian companies. We had signed it a couple of months ago but I can’t disclose anything more. In each target market, Focal Energy is looking to partner local players who have access or are involved in projects,” he added. Mr Ozer said that India is one of the most important markets for the company and it will focus on clean energy. “Our focus is on power generation, particularly distributed and clean energy. We place great emphasis on alternative-energy power generation, such as Hydro, wind, solar and bio-gas plants. We target countries with welcoming environment for distributed and alternative energy investments. Presently, the country of India is a primary target market for Focal Energy. We are also open to investments in other geographies where the market conditions are attractive and where Focal Energy can bring unique expertise and value-addition,” he added. The company is focused on investments in plants that operate on conventional fuel, including natural gas and coal. Focal Energy will also invest in select income-generating infrastructure projects, such as grid construction, water systems, pipeline, transportation and real estate, if they are synergistic with its activity in the energy sector. Mr Ozer added that Focal Energy has the support of a credible group of international partners who will provide strong expertise, the ability to assemble the optimal partnerships and knowhow for each project.