AMD’s mkt share in India increases 4%
COMPETITION in the PC processor market has further intensified with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) steadily increasing its share in the India. According to the latest market statistics of IDC for the third quarter of 2007, AMD has an overall market share of 21.1% which includes both desktops and laptops. In the desktop segment, it has 24.4% share and in laptops, it has 12.4%. Rival Intel is the dominant player in the PC processor market. On an year-on-year (YoY) basis, AMD has increased its marketshare by close to 4%. In Q3 of 2006, its overall share stood at 17.3% while in the desktop segment, it was 19.7% and in laptop segment, it stood at 6.2%. On the increasing marketshare, AMD India MD Alok Ohrie said, they have enabled the key OEMs to win commercial deals on its technology platform. Further, it is also getting closely aligned with the IT decision makers to make their technology felt in this audience. On a sequential basis also, AMD increased its overall market share from 19% in Q2 of 2007 to 21.1% in Q3 of 2007. However, in the laptop segment, AMD has doubled its marketshare on an year-on-year basis. Globally also, AMD has increased its marketshare by 0.4% to touch 23.5% for the third quarter of 2007. This increase in marketshare of AMD should also be looked in the context of the buoyancy in the Indian PC market. According to IDC, during 3Q 2007, the overall India client PC market grew 25.1% year-on-year (3Q 2007 over 3Q 2006) in terms of unit shipments to 1.8 million. For the same period (3Q 2007 over 3Q 2006), desktop PC shipments showed a growth of 10.9%, while notebook PC shipments showed a growth of 84.8% (3Q 2007 over 3Q 2006). However, industry analysts said, the growth of AMD in the Indian market has been driven primarily by the commercial segment and not so much in the retail market. They felt that a pricing-led strategy does not really matter in the marketplace as both the competitive chipmakers - AMD and Intel are almost equal on price points. Mr Ohrie said, AMD has been experiencing broadbased growth across various verticals and segments. Traditionally, the chipmaker’s strength was in the commercial segment in the verticals of manufacturing and industrial. The AMD official said that it has initiated specific programmes directed towards the BFSI, IT/ITeS and government verticals and has been gaining larger traction.