Why Should I Join?  




  • 90% of e Commerce Business-to-Business (B2B)

  • One Trillion US Dollar Global e Business is B2B

  • 90 % top-managers expect to use electronic commerce for sales and marketing by 2005

  • 83 % top-managers will use it also for purchasing and procurement




  • Knowledgeable customer uses E-business tools

  • It works round the clock - 24 X 7 · No boundary Limitations

  • Vendor free, product free, location free choice

  • 80% chance for getting a better and cheaper product

  • You get to know more in less time

  • Expanding market exposure to a global market place

  • Increased revenue arising from increased reach to a larger customer base


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  • Brings Global e Market at your door step

  • Generates Global Business Opportunities for you, even when you are sleeping / holidaying

  • Automatically publishes your Company Details on major Business & Trade Directories

  • Connects your Company to Targeted Business Companies

  • Enables search and display of your Products & Company Details in 16 international languages

  • Facilitates Request for quotes from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers

  • Makes you part of Over 1,700,000 worldwide listings

  • Gives exposure to your Company in over 177 countries



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